Little Falls Friends Meeting is a congregation of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) affiliated with the Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Our historic meeting house is located in Fallston, just outside of Bel Air, Maryland. We warmly welcome old Friends, new Friends, and all visitors to our Meeting.

Little Falls Meeting Minute for Racial Justice

At the core of our Quaker beliefs is the idea that every individual has within them “The Light of the Divine”. For this reason, we cannot stand by silently while police brutally impact or end the lives of Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner and many others, known and unknown. Along with their friends and families, we mourn for them. They are the most recent victims of a pernicious pattern of racist actions by police and a continued failure of our society to prevent such tragedies.

We understand that these latest tragedies are but one consequence of our society’s centuries of continued systemic racism as manifested by our history of slavery, enforced segregation, housing inequities, education disparities, and mass incarceration. So we unite with those in our community who are showing their renewed dedication to true racial justice in all its forms, such as health, economic, educational and environmental.

As Quakers, we are part of a long tradition of working for peace, social justice and equality. We, the members and attenders of Little Falls Friends Meeting, intend to recommit ourselves to those efforts. As members of a group that is predominantly white, we realize it is first necessary for each of us to examine our own racial identity, inherent biases, and privilege, to establish a starting point for our work in racial justice. Some of us will work to further educate ourselves about these issues. Others will commit to organizing for political change. Still others will focus on criminal justice reform. But all of us will dedicate ourselves to listening carefully and compassionately to those who are impacted by the social ills resulting from systemic racism and seek in whatever ways we can to dismantle it.

The query for September is:
The Social Order:  Do you promote social justice and make your life a testimony to fair dealing?  Do you seek to understand and appreciate differing cultures and social values?  Do you support fair treatment of all regardless of race, gender, age and other differences?  Are you concerned for those in our society who are disadvantaged?  Do you take your full share of civic responsibility by voting and giving service?  Do you oppose the use of land, labor, technology and capital for human exploitation or in ways destructive to other living things?

Our belief in the universality of the Inner Light requires us to “walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone” as George Fox urged. No human being is excluded from our sense of community, for we are led by our faith to view human beings as children of God rather than as stereotypes of cultures, nations, or ideologies. It is individual people with whom fellowship must be established, and each Friend must seek in the quiet of worship the personal strength to work at the establishment of community.